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Predict university admissions using big data with Admitted,
an AI assistant that provides personalized recommendations.
Download the app to connect with counseling experts and applicants around the world.

Track Your Progress

Record your transcripts, activities, and awards since freshman year. Get an overview of your accomplishments and discover areas for improvement.

Discover Universities

Explore universities across the US, Canada, and the UK. Learn about their majors, specialties and admission criteria to get a head start.

Discover the ideal university that you haven’t heard about

Explore universities across US, Canada, and UK based on majors, learn about each school’s admission criteria, and get a head start on preparation.

Get Real-time Support
(coming soon)

Not sure where to start? Need help with course selection during your first year at the university? UNI, our chatbot, is here to answer any questions you have during the college application process.

Calculate Your Readiness

Our machine learning algorithm, developed by consultants with decades of experience, helps you leverage your strength and see where you stand among other applicants.

Calculate your readiness per school

Apply our machine learning algorithm, developed by consulting experts with 10+ years of experience. Leverage your strength and see where you stand among other applicants.

Expand your extracurricular experience

Discover internships, research opportunities, and community service around you, as well as online resources recommended by us.

Schedule study sessions with peer tutors
(coming soon)

Struggling with your GPA? Get help from teachers for courses from Latin to bio.

Get customized reminders on important dates

From Early Action to Regular Decision, set reminders for important deadlines so you don’t miss out!

Follow our step-by-step pre-arrival guide

From dorm selection to visa application, receive advice from consulting experts who previously prepared thousands of international students for their new chapter in life.



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You will be charged $19.99 after 3 days. Billed every 3 months.

Our Story

We are a team of 20 consulting experts who have helped thousands of students excel in their college application journey worldwide. We created the app to further empower prospective college students by bridging the information gap due to socioeconomic differences worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to fulfill the commitment to educational equity by providing high school students with the best counseling services and the most dependable support system during their college application process.